Things I Made, Perhaps of Interest

Meta Stuff

  • Principia Apocrypha, an "OSR Primer" in the form of a collection of Apocalypse World-style GM (and player) Principles.

Embryonic game-like objects I've discovered in Ludic Space

  • Dungeon Rats, a mostly finished hybrid of World of Dungeons and Maze Rats aiming for OSR compatibility, only needs a bit of polish.
  • Darkest Dungeon World, a latent WIP that is(n't yet) what it says on the tin, but does some cool stuff that I hope to eventually round out, or pull apart and transplant elsewhere.
  • Inflection:Prelude, a latent WIP "Vast Apocalypse-Powered Space Opera of Meta-Ethics and Existential Risk at the Cusp of The Singularity"
  • The Quintessential B/X (Forthcoming), my personal Goldilocks form of Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert D&D based on Gavin Norman's B/X Essentials (which I suggested the name of!) with inclusions from Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Somewhat Gameable Content

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