Inspiral - A game about (not) making stuff

I've been feeling bad about not making (well, releasing) stuff, so today I made a game about (not) making stuff. It's unbalanced and untested, but I'm releasing it to remind myself that it's something I can do.



  1. Im missing a few things .... something with Todos - Are they synonymous with Projects? When do you Start A New Project? Can you get negative values??

    1. Todo is just a name for a pip on a Project. Projects are only started on a 1-3 for Taken By An Idea. All values are just numbers on a die, so they can't drop below 1.

    2. Cool thanks. Do you start off with any current projects? Also is there a meaning to tracking weekdays?

    3. While playtesting, I don't think I started with any projects, but it probably makes sense to start with one set to 6. Weekdays are tracked because you Have A Day Off on the weekends.


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