Grotty PC Relationships

Your PC's relationship with the PC to your right:
  1. You're connected quite literally, by ten feet of chain, shackled to an ankle each.
  2. You're revolted by them, but somehow they're the only thing keeping your shit together.
  3. You're old friends, but always take credit for their accomplishments.
  4. You both know damning secrets about each other. Like, really bad.
  5. You stole their Wand of Self-Pleasure after finding them asleep with it in an alley.
  6. You both ripped off a crime boss in The City and owe them way more coin than you'd be able to earn in a lifetime of honest work.
  7. You discovered you both collect something gross, and have only confided in each other since.
  8. You were both somewhat accomplished adventurers, until the incident. One of you lost their shield-hand, the other half their face.
  9. You really look up to them. They always overlook you. Seriously, you're way shorter than them. But, figuratively, too.
  10. You're positive they covet your pig (loyal, obedient, and loving).
  11. They look very much like the face on a bounty poster you found. The others don't see the resemblance.
  12. You grew close in the trenches of The War. Very close. Whether you can even stand each other now is another question.

Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. The duo on the right were inspiration for R2D2 and C3PO.

Conceptual Status: Warning - Untested but Play-Ready


I have vague intentions of running some fast, loose, funnel-style OSRish one-shots at local pub game nights. The system would be pretty rules-light, and character creation would be dead-simple and lightning fast to get into the gameplay ASAP. These would probably be on cards, along with two other character aspect cards, randomly selected.

I want these and the other related character aspects to...

  • Not be as boring as most PC relationship tables ("18: Siblings.")
  • Give the players something to grab on to RP-wise, when everything else is also random and they're plopped into a weird situation with little context
  • Give the players reason to interact among themselves in the absence of external pressure to do so, because this is where a big chunk of the fun of one-shots always seems to arise
  • Encourage a wee bit of PVP, or at least dramatic irony, which are likewise generally good in a one-shot
  • Naturally generate "leading questions" without forcing them
  • Establish an appropriately grotty tone and aesthetic for the flavor of modules I want to run, and that your characters are not Heroes
  • Let it be clear that they're free to lean-in to the Murderhobo instinct

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Do you know any other really good, flavorful tables for PC relationships?

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